Fairport Convention – March 2012


Dorking Halls

Monday 5th March 2012

The guest act tonight was Kieran Goss, a singer/songwriter originally from Newry, but now living in Sligo. He talked about as much as, or even more than, he sang. Fortunately, it was very entertaining chat, including getting us to roar and cheer when he introduced his hit.

One boy’s treasure – nice gentle one to start

Just around the corner – very funny story with this one, about the way each singer changes a song to suit their own style. Nice song too.

The reason why – his hit, with a bit more rhythm than the others.

Reasons for leaving – another long story about Irish emigration, his sister in Toronto, and how she nearly stole the show when he performed there. Very entertaining. Good song as well.

After these solo numbers, he introduced Fairport and they sang Reach Out (I’ll be there) together, an unusual choice. Then Kieran left them to continue with their set:

Sir Patrick Spens – a good start

Walk Awhile – also good

Farewell, Farewell

Happy Birthday for sound engineer John – 31 today.

Albert and Ted – an interesting instrumental. Personally I didn’t notice the join between the two pieces of music, but then I’m not the most musically literate person in the world, and they’re a very talented bunch of musicians.

The Cell Song – one of my favourites. Chris Leslie sang this beautifully, as usual.

Genesis Hall – hadn’t heard this one before, and couldn’t make out the words. I may come to like it once I’ve listened to the CD a few times.

John Gaudie + tunes – always good fun!

Interval, with the usual retail opportunity (we waited till the end)

Second half:

Mercy Bay – Chris Leslie’s song about a ship stuck in the ice for three years. We both decided we liked it after about two lines of the first verse.

Fotheringay – preceded by a short piece of pre-recorded wordless harmony to get us in the mood. Lovely song.

Celtic Moon – Nice and lively, and with an easy to sing chorus.

Rosie – sweet little song, though the only Rosie in the audience seemed to have a very deep voice!

Jewel In The Crown – Lovely.

I Wandered By A Brookside – even lovelier.

The Hexhamshire Lass – Fairport Convention meets punk. A very mild form of punk, admittedly, sounding more like ordinary folk rock to me, but that’s not a problem for us. We certainly enjoyed it.

Hiring fair – new one on me, and I liked it.

Danny Jack’s Chase – excellent instrumental.

Matty Groves – an old favourite, and done in double quick time!

Tonight’s encore was of course Meet On The Ledge, with Kieran returning to help out with the vocals. Then off to buy up the CDs (two from each) and get the autographs with a bit of chat, and we were out into the cold night air. A great evening, and lovely to have another fix of folk music, our favourite.

© 2012 Sheila Evans at ilovetheatre.me

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