Dangerous Obsession – April 2008


By N J Crisp

Directed by Ian Dickens

Company: Ian Dickens Productions

Venue: Connaught Theatre

Date: Thursday 3rd April 2008

Neither Steve nor I could decide whether we knew what was coming in this play because we’d seen it before, many years ago, or whether it was just too easy to spot the plot. It’s possible we’ve already seen it, but in any case the twists were pretty obvious if you’ve seen a lot of thrillers. There was an adulterous husband, a wronged wife, the vengeful husband, a gun, and a conservatory. All good fun, but not particularly demanding.

David Callister, whom we’ve seen in many Ian Dickens productions, was good as the wronged husband. He managed to get across a real sense of menace from a character who’s quite mundane in other respects. The other two actors were fine and we enjoyed ourselves well enough, though I don’t think I’ll be straining at the leash to see this one again.

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