Funny Money – August 2006

Experience: 2/10

By Ray Cooney

Venue Connaught Theatre

Date: Tuesday 29th August 2006

Not one of Ray Cooney’s best. We smiled a fair bit, laughed out loud several times, and we’re happy enough to support the Connaught, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see this one again.

Man picks up wrong briefcase, finds it’s full of money, tries to run off with his wife, ends up running off with almost every member of the cast. Lots of homosexual innuendo (haven’t we outgrown that yet?) people having to pretend to be other (imaginary) characters, and two identical briefcases. The cast did their best and there were some fun moments, especially when things went wrong, so the evening wasn’t completely wasted. At least Ray Cooney keeps it short!

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